Luxury Vinyl Installation

Learn what to expect before, during, and after your luxury vinyl installation with AJ Rose. 

Luxury Vinyl Installation In The Greater Boston Area

Preparing for installation:

Start with a clean job site, and a prepared subfloor, and remove any items that may damage a finished installation. 

A properly prepared subfloor is important because the wrong type can telegraph through the new floor. This will not only be unattractive, but it will cause uneven wearing. Underlayment panels are intended to provide a smooth working surface but are not designed to correct or properly cover structural deficiencies.

Some types of nails, such as common steel nails, cement coated or someresin or rosin coated nails, may cause a discoloration of the vinyl floor covering. Use only non-staining fasteners with underlayment panels. Before getting started, check each box to make sure it is the right style, color, and pattern number.

Then, be sure to check and make sure the dye lot numbers are the same on each box. It is best to know if a box does not match in the beginning in order to give you time to get a replacement.

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During & After Your Luxury Vinyl Installation

During Installation:

When installing, be careful and precise measurements must be taken during tile layout. Lay all tiles in the same direction, all directional arrows pointing in the same direction. With a plank layout, it is also important to balance the layout of the plank format. Proper planning and layout will prevent narrow plank widths at wall junctures. Apply the adhesive in this area and begin installing planks.

When the installation is complete, most floors must be rolled with a minimum 100-pound three-section floor roller immediately after installation. Roll the flooring in both directions to firmly seat the tile into the adhesive.

After Installation:

  • After installation, furniture and foot traffic should not be on the floor for at least 24 hours. This allows the adhesive to dry completely.
  • After installation, the floors should also not be washed for 48 hours.
  • The adhesive residue on the floors after installation can be removed with mineral spirits.
  • Floor covering subjected to excessive heat and light exposure is subject to thermal degradation. Use appropriate precautions to minimize potential effects on the floor covering.
  • Oil or petroleum-based products can result in surface staining. Do not track asphalt driveway sealer or automobile oil drips onto the vinyl floor covering.
  • During the life of the floor, the temperature should never drop below 55°F

Luxury Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Keep your luxury vinyl floors their best with our care & maintenance tips. 

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