Area Rugs

Soft and comforting, area rugs can help to reinvigorate any room in your home. 

Area Rugs In The Greater Boston Area

At AJ Rose, of the greater Boston, MA, area we're proud to feature a wide assortment of area rugs for our customers. No matter what your area rug wants and needs are, our team can help you. Shop our various colors, patterns, styles, designs, and sizes today.

We work with the top brands that you know and love and are certain that we can provide you with the area rug to meet your needs. Offering custom rugs, and dynamic rugs, and working with brands like Broadloom, you're sure to be more than satisfied with what we offer. 

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We Carry The Top Brand Names In Area Rugs!

The Benefits Of Area Rugs

Area rugs are a fantastic flooring option for your home. They feature a number of fantastic benefits, including:

  • They are versatile and can go in any room in your home.
  • Area rugs are low-maintenance and require only basic upkeep to look great.
  • Area rugs are available in various colors, styles, patterns, and sizes.
  • They are much more affordable than other flooring options
  • They can be moved with ease and are very adaptable.
  • Area rugs are just plain good-looking!
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Before You Buy An Area Rug

A few things to keep in mind before you buy:

  • Area rugs may require a rug pad to prevent bunching up or sliding.
  • Area rugs require maintenance and care to continue functioning well.
  • Area may not be as durable as other flooring options on the market. 
  • Area rugs are mobile and can be moved throughout your home. 
  • There are many different area rug options to choose from. 

Area Rug Care & Maintenance

Area rugs require basic care & maintenance to continue to function well. Learn more here!

Area Rug Pads

Rug pads help to protect your existing flooring while guaranteeing that your rug doesn't slide or bunch up. Shop area rugs today!

Get Inspired

Need inspiration before shopping for an area rug? Take a look at our inspiration gallery to see the latest trends.