Carpet is soft, attractive, and comfortable underfoot. 

Carpet In Boston, MA

Carpet has a rich history as a flooring option for homes. With roots dating back centuries, people have been finding reasons to love carpets for many years. We think you'll love carpet too.

Originating from the East, carpets have been a household staple in the United States for many years. Over time, carpet makers continued to innovate while adding increased comfort for homeowners. With improved stain resistance and more new looks coming every year, carpet has long been and will continue to remain a popular flooring option for homeowners. At AJ Rose Carpets & Flooring, we carry a range of high-quality flooring options for your space. Whether you want a luxurious carpet in your bedroom or a high-performance option in your living room, you will find the perfect product.

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The Advantages Of Carpet

As a flooring choice, carpet boasts a number of benefits, including:

  • Carpet is affordable
  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Offers easy installation
  • There are a wide variety of carpet options to choose from
  • Carpet helps to absorb sound
  • Carpet is versatile enough to go in various parts of a home
  • Carpet can be installed on top of various other types of flooring
  • Carpet can hide subflooring issues.
Carpet Flooring | AJ Rose Carpets
Carpet Flooring | AJ Rose Carpets

Carpet Styles

Carpet is available in a variety of styles. The one you choose will depend on your individual preferences and your performance needs.

Here are the six basic styles of carpet

At A.J. Rose, we offer textured, Saxony or plush, frieze, cable, looped, and cut-and-loop carpet. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Textured: Offers a casual and versatile appearance, with fibers that hide footprints and vacuum marks well.
  • Saxony or plush: Features a dense, luxurious pile that provides a soft and elegant feel underfoot.
  • Frieze: Characterized by twisted, tightly curled fibers, offering a contemporary and durable option that hides footprints and vacuum marks.
  • Cable: Features thick, long fibers that provide a cozy and luxurious feel, ideal for areas where comfort is a priority.
  • Looped: Also known as Berber, offers a durable and textured surface with a distinctive look, suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Cut-and-loop: Combines cut and looped fibers to create intricate patterns and textures, offering both style and durability.

For more information on what carpet might make the most sense for you, contact our team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet

The different types of carpet fibers available at AJ Rose Carpets & Flooring are polyester, polypropylene, triexta, SmartStrand, and wool. Each option comes with distinct benefits. Polyester and polypropylene are budget-friendly and highly resistant to stains, making them practical choices. Triexta offers exceptional durability, while SmartStrand boasts resilience and eco-friendliness. For a touch of luxury, consider the natural warmth and insulation of wool.

The different types of carpet construction are cut pile, loop pile, and level cut loop. Cut pile carpet has yarns that are cut at the ends, creating a soft feel underfoot. Loop pile carpets leave the yarn uncut, offering durability and resistance. Level cut loop is a hybrid construction that combines cut and looped yarns, providing a balance of softness and durability. The choice depends on your lifestyle, decor, and performance needs.

Carpet installation is a multi-step process that typically begins with the placement of a tack strip around the room's perimeter. The carpet padding is then laid and secured, followed by the carpet itself. The carpet is stretched tightly, attached to the tack strip, and any excess is trimmed. For the best outcome, it's recommended to leave carpet installation to the professionals at AJ Rose Carpets & Flooring.

The best care and maintenance approach involves regular vacuuming to remove dirt and dust, prompt spot cleaning for spills, and a professional cleaning every 12-18 months. It's also beneficial to use mats at entrances to reduce soil tracking. Rotate furniture periodically to prevent uneven wear and avoid direct sunlight that can fade the carpet. These steps will help prolong your carpet's life and keep it looking its best.

When spills occur on your carpet, it's essential to act quickly. Start by blotting the spill using a clean cloth, and working from the outer edge inwards to prevent spreading. If solid material is present, scoop or remove it from the area. For tougher stains, consider Shaw carpet cleaner, which is designed to effectively remove stains, leaving your carpet spotless. Remember, prompt action can help prevent a spill from becoming a permanent stain.

Carpet Care & Maintenance

Keep your carpet looking great for the long haul, follow our maintenance guide today!

Carpet Installation

Learn more about what to expect on your big carpet installation today. Trust A.J. Rose for all of your carpet installation needs. 

Get Inspired

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