Tile Care & Maintenance

Follow our AJ Rose tile care & maintenance guide below to keep your new floors looking their best!

Daily Tile Care

One of the many benefits of tile flooring is the general lack of upkeep required to keep it looking great. So when it comes to daily tile care your main responsibility is sweeping and working to remove the floors of dirt and other debris. This debris, if left unattended, can scratch or scrape your tile flooring while also dulling the original colors. Invest in a high-quality broom and put it to work daily on your tile floors. A vacuum could also be used, but be sure to remove the beater bar if going this route. 

You may also consider placing doormats at all of the entrances of your home and asking that guests, and members of your family, remove their shoes before entering. 

Tile cleaning | AJ Rose Carpets
Tile cleaning | AJ Rose Carpets

Dealing With Tile Spills & Stains

Thanks to the durability and overall quality of tile flooring, it is great at handling spills and messes. Should a spill occur on your tile flooring, simply wipe away the substance using a cloth or towel in a timely manner to avoid any damage. If spills are left on your tile for an extended period then damage can occur to the grout, subfloor, and potentially, even the tile itself.

When in doubt about a specific spill or mess, consult your manufacturer on how best to best address the situation. 

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