Protecting Our Environment

At AJ Rose Carpets & Flooring, we care about our environment and the future we leave for the next generation - that’s why we are one of New England’s only flooring retailers that recycles used carpet and carpet pad. AJ Rose Carpets only offers recycling services on carpet and cushion that were removed by our certified installers. We recycle all material that meets certain guidelines. 


Recylling Symbole created out of carpet | AJ Rose Carpets

Rather than taking the easy road and sending it to a landfill, we send used carpet and padding back to the carpet mills to be recycled into new material. This process keeps countless truckloads of material out of landfills every year.

Child holding a newly sprouted plant in the park | AJ Rose Carpets


"A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit."

-Ancient Greek Proverb

Overlook of MA Suburb | AJ Rose Carpets


It's not enough to simply reduce usage of natural resources. At AJ Rose, we believe in recycling the resources we've already used.

Smiling child and puppy laying on carpet | AJ Rose Carpets


Today we have a nearly endless selection of carpet products to choose from. Recycling ensures the next generation has those same options.